Friday, December 21, 2012

Honey Wheat Bread with Flaxseed Meal

I love having toast in the morning with an egg, or even just by itself with some homemadebutter. Making your own bread is something I think everybody shoud do.
It's easy! Seriously, if you just follow directions and you have a thermometer, it is not hard to make.
It is also cheaper than buying it at the store.
If your excuse is that you are busy, then you can make this on a weekend. If you make a double batch, you can slice the 2nd loaf and freeze it for another time, or just give it to someone you love.
Obviously the most important reason for making it yourself, you can choose what goes in it.
Let's also not forget how amazing it is to have a slice of warm bread just out of the oven that you made yourself!
I make this bread in my stand mixer but you definitely don't need one to do it. I've made bread by hand before and it came out exactly the same.

Back to Basics 5 - American Chop Suey

Quick, easy and DELICIOUS! This recipe is adapted from another blogspot: cheaphealthygood.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Farro with Pistachios

I love farro! I discovered it fairly recently and I'm just in love. It's chewy, nutty and so versatile. It's also really good for you. You can add it in place of rice, quinoa, oats and even pasta. Seriously, it's so good. You can find farro almost anywhere nowadays. I've gotten mine before at Shaw's or Stop & Shop. The first time I made this dish, I did a happy food dance. I have made that dance every other time I've eaten this dish. It's that good.