Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Make your own brown sugar!

Uh oh.... you're out of brown sugar. What do you do? It's easy, MAKE YOUR OWN!! Provided you keep molasses and white sugar in your pantry.

Why would I EVER make my own brown sugar? You must think I'm crazy. Well for starters, it's cheaper. You can also control the amount of molasses in your brown sugar. Sure, you can buy light or dark brown sugar but this way you can make it medium dark, extra extra dark, super light, whatever you want!

One thing that is different from almost all other homemade things is, making your brown sugar doesn't make it any healthier. You could add organic molasses and that's definitely better but sugar is sugar. It's a misconception that brown sugar is healthier for you than white. As you'll see it's really just white sugar mixed with molasses. Molasses is this really dark and syrupy by-product of refining sugar. So they take it out to make it white, then if they want brown sugar they add it back in. So neither of those things are necessarily GOOD for you but hey, sometimes you need a little sugar in your life.

-1 cup of white sugar
-1 tablespoon of unsulphured molasses
You'll also need a fork, a bowl and patience.

Pour you sugar into a bowl and the molasses on top. Then you'll want to fluff it up with a fork, mash it around and mix it all together. It will take a couple of minutes to come together but don't give up.

This is light brown sugar, it's what I like but if you like yours darker just add another tablespoon of molasses. You're done!

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