Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tea Smoothie

Today, I was inspired to work out again. I haven't done Zumba in ages so I thought I'd get my dusty DVD out from behind the TV stand and sweat a little. This smoothie is a quick and easy way to refuel and add a ton of nutrition to your body. Smoothies are a great go-to when you're hungry and just need something fast.

Your only tool: Good ol' blender.

-1 container of Greek yogurt. Whatever flavor you want, I picked blueberry because I didn't have plain. (Plain will have less sugar).
-About a cup of frozen berries. Note: Make sure to buy frozen berries that are not sweetened. Look at the ingredient list in the back, it should list ONLY the fruit.

-A handful of spinach. It's ok if your spinach doesn't look gorgeous, you won't be seeing OR tasting it. Make sure it's organic though.
-Green tea & peppermint tea, and the hot water to put it in.
-2 packets of Stevia. You can leave this out if you want.
-Not pictured: 2 tablespoons of flaxseed meal. Tons of omega-3's in this!


-Couldn't be easier! Just throw everything in the blender and let it rock. I like to put them in this order:
4.Tea water
5.Flaxseed and sweetener

If you don't have a powerful blender like me, the smoothie will have little bits of seeds in it because of the berries, you can strain it out if you want.

1 serving: the full recipe.
Nutritional Info: 277 calories

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