Friday, January 11, 2013

The Perfect Quick Breakfast!

Whole wheat English muffin with almond butter and banana slices.

So, why is this the perfect breakfast? Let me break it down for you.

Whole Wheat English muffin (make your own here!)
  • It's lighter so you don't waste too many of your calories on carbs and can focus on the nutrient-dense food.
  • A study which collected data on over 74,000 female nurses aged 38-63 years over a 12 year period shows that those who ate whole wheat weighed less than those who ate refined-grain foods.
  • Whole grain lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • It lessens chronic inflammation.
  • Helps prevent gallstones.
  • It makes you go. You know, "GO". Which is perfect for those who are trying to lose weight.
  • Fiber (which this is packed with) protects against breast cancer and keeps you fuller longer.
  • Protects against childhood asthma.
  • Plant lignans (abundant in whole grains) protect against heart disease.

Almond Butter(make your own here!)
  • Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats (fats that reduce levels of cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart ailments), so almond butter is great for your heart health.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Controls blood sugar.
  • Rich in antioxidants (vitamin E and flavonoids) which help fight free radicals that do damage to your cells.
  • Helps with weight control because it is high in protein, fiber and monosaturated fats.

  • Great source of energy because they're abundant in vitamins and minerals.
  • They're great for your circulatory system, and your heart. Because of the potassium, bananas help the body’s circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain, which also helps maintain a regular heartbeat and a proper balance of water in the body. 
  • Bananas also make you go. Don't worry, you won't be running to the bathroom. This just means that they help stop constipation because of the fiber. Apples are also great for this.
  • Bananas have a chemical called tryptophan that help you feel happy. That's the same chemical that is in turkey.
  • For women, bananas are great if you're having menstrual cramps because of the vitamin B6.
  • Another reason why this is a great breakfast? If you're hungover, bananas replenish the body's vitamins!
  • They also help pregnant women combat their morning sickness.
  • They also restore a healthy blood glucose level. 
  • For those suffering from a deficiency in iron, bananas help to give your body the iron that it needs.
Another plus, it tastes dang good! These are the specific brands I use:

Barney Butter, Crunchy Almond Butter. 180 Calories per 2 tablespoons.

If you have the time and you enjoy cooking/baking, I would recommend making english muffins and almond butter yourself. I've done it before and not only is it satisfying to know you're eating something that you made completely from scratch, but it's also way healthier and you know what's in it. Even organic and all natural products have certain things in it that you don't want to eat and can be easily substituted for more natural ingredients. For example, this almond butter has evaporated cane juice and palm fruit oil. It's not the worst thing you will find in a packaged food and in a pinch I will eat it. But when you make it yourself, almond butter is just almonds. You don't need to add ANYTHING else to it, you just gotta keep it in the fridge.

Calories total: 380