Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Get rid of dark under-eye circles!

This is kind of a different post. Or, COMPLETELY different. I don't know what inspired me to do this but I just thought I'd share the products I use to combat the dark circles around my eyes.
Obviously, getting a lot of sleep and drinking tons (gallons?) of water helps. But when it's genetic, only concealers will get you out of that mess!
These are the products I've been using for years:

1. The first thing I do is moisturize. I have an eye cream and a face cream. Choose whatever you like.
2. I always use a primer, this Smashbox one is amazing. It helps the concealer to go on smoother and it fills in fine lines. That actually goes all over my face.
3. Then, I use a color corrector. This will depend on what color your dark circles are. Mine are kinda brown/red so I use a green to counteract that. 
4. Next is my foundation. I apply foundation all over my face, then I apply whatever remains on the brush around my eyes.
5. Now comes the actual concealer. I love this concealer from Amazing Cosmetics. It glides on very smoothly, it's not too cakey and it's my perfect shade.
6. The last part is setting the concealer. If you just put on a creamy concealer and leave it, it will start to smudge and melt down your face and all that work you did is now gone. You NEED to set it with powder. I use either one of those two up there. The Benefit Powderflage is only for around the eyes, and Makeup Forever High Definition Powder is meant to be used anywhere. I set my foundation with this and if I'm feeling lazy and don't want to get the Powderflage out, I set it with the Makeup Forever.

That's it! Tell me if you like this kind of post and want to see any more.


  1. Smashbox primer is the best cosmetic I have ever purchased. It makes a HUGE difference. Now I need to check out this concealer.

  2. The concealer is soooo great! You need like a tiny tiny dot to get it all.