Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Strawberry Fruit Leather (Roll-Ups)

This recipe for strawberry (check out why they're great for you) leather was inspired by Weelicious. This is the second video I've made, it went A BIT smoother this time. This recipe is crazy good, my boyfriend didn't know what to expect. He thought it would taste like crap (NO FAITH!) but was pleasantly surprised.
The entire thing has 202 calories, once you cut them up into 7 strips, each one has 29 calories. And it's pure fruit. This is what you would get out of the box:

So this is how I make healthy fruit roll-up, you can watch the video on YouTube:

At the end I said you could tie it with some parchment paper, that is not what I meant obviously haha, I meant string. Duh!
This made more than the ones that were in the little egg holder. I did have a lot of burnt edges but I'm working on a way that we can have NONE! If you have a dehydrator, go ahead and use that. 

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