Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why Do You Bother?

I've been asked many, many times why I bother having everything homemade. While I do have a lot of time on my hands to do this, there's not a crazy amount of work that goes into it. It's enjoyable and it's a way to spend your free time and bond with your friends and family. This is the why:

1. Food made at home is better for you. You know exactly what you are putting in it, there are no preservatives, no hidden ingredients and no chemicals. It's also fresher.
It tastes better because you are picking fresh ingredients. And you can customize it any way you want!

Eric and I apple picking.
2. Cooking at home brings people together. And the plus: there's no expensive bill at the end.
Dinner with my brother and cousin. Shrimp, fresh zucchini and tomatoes. Great wine and beer!
3. Homemade usually costs less. You often are paying extra for packaging, brand names, shipping, oil, advertising, etc.
4. It's environmentally friendly. There's no or very little packaging, no travel/shipping waste.
5. It encourages healthy eating habits. If you are going to fry up a batch of potatoes yourself, you sure won't be eating french fries every day, because it's kind of time consuming. Everything in moderation! I also like to think I'm burning some calories by chopping everything myself, mixing ingredients, etc. Here are some guilty pleasures I try to eat only when I'm the one making it. (key word: TRY)
Freshly baked bagels
Turkey burgers with french fries
Sticky lemon rolls
6. It's therapy! Well, that's if you enjoy cooking. I LOVE kneading dough, smelling garlic in the pan, tasting a chocolate brownie batter (or any other batter, for that matter). It just puts me at ease.
Whole wheat pizza dough
You can play with your food! I swear I did not make this chicken dance. Ok, I made the chicken dance.
My mom tasting her delicious rice!
7. It's impressive! Admit it, making your own ketchup, crackers or sushi is pretty nifty.
Eric making California rolls
Lighter Strawberry Shortcakes 
Love cut into an individual Chicken Pot Pie
Pumpkin Spice Cookie cut into pumpkins!
Homemade puff pastry for Chicken Pot Pie
Scallion pancakes with ginger sauce. YUM!
Japanese restaurant at home. So much cheaper too!
And some sushi restaurant action!
8. Lastly, the hmm's and wow's you get when people try your food is really all you need in life...well, I could also use a trip to the beach. I wouldn't mind having that in my life.

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